(Nominated for the Brentano awards/ won second place as best newcomer novel of the year)

"Swinish VIP- photographs – Hollywood stars and politicians – now everyone knows Adele” (BZ-Berlin)

“By no means just melancholic or cheerless painter and poet Dirk Wolter-Orgas has told his story about a death caused by Aids and about Santa Adele the consoling pig. When a pig from outer space visits earth one might get the idea it is about a character from a modern fairytale. But for the first-person narrator Olaf Adele is quiet real. After all she is living in the room of his longtime companion, whose name had been Luck. Olaf and Luck don’t emanate from a fairytale world but from Berlin’s everyday life. Olaf is a collegiate rationalist, who hides his feelings behind theorems. Luck was a hedonist up to the point of stupor, who liked to cheat on his partner – preferably on Ecstasy. Olaf and Luck have completed each other and now Luck is gone. Instead pig Adele refreshingly simple-hearted, optimistic and slightly addicted to drink cares for the salvation of the bereaved.”

(Zitty, Berlin)


“To say it in just one word: it’s grandiose or if you like it antique: it’s prometheic. Those governesses of German feuilleton who searched in vain for the German Aids-novel should clean their glasses: Here it is. But it’s more than that. The opus has the quality to fall in more than just one category.”

(Napoleon Seyfarth on "the ultimate cult novel" / Siegessäule) full length article in German


“This book is funny, a pleasure and charming.”



“It’s a fascinating story. Long, exciting passages quote from Luck’s diary. But instead of telling the story of pitiable, ill young gay, it is indeed a wise examination of life.” (AK/Switzerland)


“The most out of the ordinary book of the year is due to Dirk Wolter-Orgas. It’s magical, sad, funny and filled with celebrities. As beautiful as the story are the many pictures.” (Rosige Zeiten)


"How Adele is helping not to repress the memories of the beautiful lover but to endure them is described both moving and thrilling at the same time."

(Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger)


“In a nutshell it’s a fairytale about death, far from repression, but with much love and hope. Here death becomes a story for the living, told with heavy gravity and impressive lightness.” (First)


"This book is full of humour, touching, true and despite of all the tragic written with so much wit, that I’m already curious what the author’s next oeuvre will be. It’s definitely worth reading." (Männer Aktuell)





(nominated for the Lambda Awards/ on the list of recommended books 2006 - Lambda Literary Foundation, New York)



"Muscular bodies, buttocks that one can bounce a coin on, hot eroticism. In a bizarre setting men bored with life play with fire, give in to their desire and are neither scared by death nor devil. Dirk Lang’s comic enters a world where orientation gets lost while getting high - a world full of surreal colours and darkness where diabolic forces pull the strings"

(Männer Aktuell)

full length article in German

"A stylish basement fantasy with an odd angle, beautifully printed in four-color photography with all sorts of surprising items showing up" (Calamus Books, Boston)


"Unique" (Lambda Rising, Washington)


"Highly original" (TLA, Philadelphia)


"Gorgeous" (Clive Barker)


"Fasten you seatbelts before turning the pages of Dirk Lang’s new book. It’s a weird and strange story." (Rainbow/Austria)


"Fantastic and unique." (Chapters.Indigo/USA)